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Brand Analytics

Discover how customers view your brand, and understand how you can change or enhance those perceptions. Take control of your brand and choose how you want to position your business moving forward.

Marketing Analytics

Understand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to your marketing efforts. Gain accurate analysis of your marketing campaigns or seasonal events, and learn which KPIs are being impacted by your efforts.

Predictive Analytics

Our predictive analytics learn your business and help you understand how it’s impacted by events like a competitor’s opening, holidays, or major weather patterns. Gain a new level of insight into your business and its patterns and trends.

Guest Analytics

Our guest analytics use multiple sources of data to learn about your guests’ visit frequency and preferences, helping you to detect patterns in your guests’ behavior and capitalize on that information. Determine what drives guest frequency and how much of your business actually depends on that frequency.

Menu Analysis and TURF

Menu analysis gives you a better understanding of how the items on your menu are performing, and what you can do to support that performance. Our TURF analysis shows you which menu item combinations work best, and how you can reposition your menu items for maximum effect.

Test and Control

Data captured from multiple sources allows you to test and evaluate different aspects of your business and marketing, providing you with the most effective means of making decisions about promotions and specials.

Price and Elasticity

Our segmented and predictive data allows us to generate price increase suggestions for different menu items. This allows you to safely increase prices while minimizing the effect on price-conscious guests. You’ll have a deeper understanding of how your pricing impacts your guests’ decisions when ordering.

Team Member Motivation

Our software allows you to easily create employee contests and track the results daily with a few simple clicks. You’ll also have reports on both the projected sales impact and the final sales impact at the end of the contest.

Industry Data

Through an exclusive partnership with TDn2K™, Marketing Vitals can consume Black Box Intelligence™ industry data directly within our software (subscription required). Understand how your restaurants are performing relative to the industry by market, segment, and cuisine type. Segment data further comparing day parts, revenue centres or food/beverage to determine your true performance.

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